Silicone Heel Pad LP SUPPORT LP-322


Rp 299.000/Set

Silicone Heel Pad LP SUPPORT LP-322


– Shock absorption
– Heel pain relief
– Improved stability


Size – Shoe Size
A : 4.5 sd 6.5
B : 7 sd 9
C : 9,5 +




A= 37-40 ( size shoe )
B= 40-43 ( size shoe )
C= > 44 ( size shoe )

The LP Silicone heel pad has a soft centre dot that adds additional shock absorption at the heel reducing pain from heel injuries or plantar fasciitis. The cup also pulls together the fatty padding under the heel to give the foot more stability. The slight heel lift from wearing a heel pad will also help relieve pain from achilles injuries.

Item sold in pairs.


Hp : 0812 9898 2448
BB : 5A5FA07F


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