Mueller Kinesiology Tape


Rp 249.500/Pcs

Mueller Kinesiology Tape


Harga per/roll , Ready Stok warna Pink dan Biru
mueller kinesiology tape
designed to help increase the natural blood flow around the muscle, mueller kinesiology tape features a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with the skin and muscles. available in 2 colors and with a retail-ready pop up point of sale display.
latex-free, breathable, elastic and maintains flexibility.
versatile enough for 1,200 recognized applications.
patterned adhesive is mild and hypoallergenic.
removal instructions
gently remove tape from skin in the direction of hair growth. use mueller tape & tuffner remover spray for easy adhesive removal. it is not recommended to remove kinesiology tape in the shower as the adhesive is heat activated. applying baby oil will also help dissolve the adhesive for easy removal.


Hp : 0812 9898 2448
BB : 5A5FA07F

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